Meet me (page without photo)

Well hello there!
I’m Tierra. And not like the crown, I’m far from a princess. Being outside is what I strive on. A sunny Northern Michigan day with no wind really makes my heart pitter patter, no matter the season. I normally like my coffee black but if I’m feeling a little frisky- I’ll drive to the local family owned coffee shop for a specialty coffee and most likely a muffin.
I really want to say that starting a baby + toddler boutique was a dream of mine I always had- but to be honest it wasn’t. Heck I had no idea what my “passion” was- All I knew was that I wanted to be a wife & a mom! Now I LOVE being a stay at home mom don’t get me wrong but my independent sole and bank account (lets be real) needed some love. I remembering praying- “Lord I pray that when my baby comes, it’ll help me find my passion”. Now want to know what really makes my eyes sparkle. Two months after my baby girl arrived, it hit me straight in the face. Who knew my weekly stroll through the baby section at Tjmaxx, countless pins on Pinterest and dressing up my baby wasn’t just a hobby.  
As a big gift giver, my goal here is to provide my customers with the best quality modern products and the one stop shop for your little babes in your life. While also supporting small family and/or woman owned businesses here in the USA. Its important to me!
With so much love, thank you for stopping by & happy shopping for those little fawns my friend.
“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling”
      -Fabienne Fredrickson